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Uncover Heightened States

Uncover heightened states - by trying out All Natural High!

All Natural High is one of the world's most powerful "digital drugs."

It's a music recording which uses specialized audio patterns to influence your brainwaves - thereby improving your mood and giving you a mental buzz.

It's completely safe* - and 100% proven by science.

Just slip on your headphones, hit the "Play" button, sit back for 30 minutes - and enjoy the awesome benefits of this brilliant "audio pill!"


How It Works

All Natural High works due to a science known as "brainwave entrainment."

Using special audio patterns, it helps take your brainwaves to alpha and beta levels - recreating the mental states associated with euphoric stimulants.

This helps bring about states such as:

To use All Natural High, simply load the audio MP3 file into your computer or MP3 player, slip on a pair of headphones, then listen to the sounds for 30 minutes. Alternatively, play in the background while getting ready or listening to music.

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What Others Say

Here's what others using All Natural High have to say:

Instantly improves my mood, and gets me in a great state of mind, ready for the night ahead. This is a brilliant session to listen to just before a party or night on the town!"

— Jeffrey Armstrong, Wabasha, MN

I've used All Natural High whenever I want to increase my mood, and to make myself happier. I really enjoy how it makes me feel, and recommend it to anyone."

— Mia Sills, Seattle, WA

This is a great way of chilling out in the evening. It isn't a drug in the conventional sense. It increases your feel-good vibes, and puts you into a relaxed but enthusiastic mood. It's brilliant!"

— James Hines, Bradford, BB7


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