All Natural High

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Always loved the total buzz you get when you've returned from the gym. Often thought that I needed that just before I went out. All Natural High gives me that kind of boost. It rocks"

— J. Larkson, Boulder, CO

I could use this all day, every day! Love it, guys, this session really gets me into a good state, ready to kick ass. Sets me up for a great day ahead, or a brilliant night. You can really feel it work."

— Diane Wright, Norfolk, VA

Have recently used the synthetic version while working and listen to other music, through my computer headphones. Really makes an obvious difference in my productivity. Please, release version two!!"

— Ricky Stephens, Scranton, ND

Not a question, just a message to let you know that I'm seriously impressed at your All Natural High sesh. Good CD, great quality, weird sounds, but awesome end results!!"

— D. Shaffer, Charlotte, NC

Instantly improves my mood, and puts me in a nice mellow mood, ready for the night ahead. This is a brilliant session to listen to just before party night in the city!"

— Jeffrey Armstrong, Wabasha, MN

I've used All Natural High whenever I want to increase my mood, and to make myself happier. I really enjoy how it makes me feel, and recommend it to anyone."

— Mia Sills, Seattle, WA

This is a great way of chilling out in the evening. It isn't a drug in the conventional sense. It increases your feel-good vibes, and puts you into a relaxed but enthusiastic mood. It's brilliant!"

— James Hines, Bradford, BB7

Was a little cautious about this idea of a 'drug' - but after reading the science, I realized it wasn't really anything like that. Tried it out cautiously for the first time, and realized it worked brilliantly. Puts you in a great state of mind.  Nothing to be scared of at all - I totally embrace it, and recommend it now to my friends."

— "Denadre", Bethel Park, PA