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Brainwave Entrainment?

There are a range of sister sites that we recommend for those interested in the world of brainwave entrainment.

Here are our recommendations:

Sonic Vitamins
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The ultimate library of brainwave sessions! From boosting your focus to enjoy the best night's sleep, this massive site is sure to have what you want in stock.


Binaural Beats
Binaural Beats Banner

The original and still the best! This classic site contains a collection of nine of the most powerful brainwave entrainment recordings available. Highly potent.


Subliminal CDs
Subliminal CDs Banner

A powerful mix of brainwave entrainment, with subliminal messages - equals an exciting catalog of subliminal CDs, which produce awesome results in minimal time!


Relaxation CDs
Relaxation CDs Banner

Looking to chill out? This collection of relaxation CDs is as good as it gets. Includes a special collection of brainwave entrainment recordings.


Sleep Deprivation CD
Sleep Deprevation CD Banner

Have trouble getting to sleep? Just check out this CD. They guarantee you'll never heard the end of it. Brainwave entrainment at its most powerful.